Selecting a suitable material for art

When decorating your home with fine art, one of the crucial decisions you have to make is choosing the right material that it should be printed on. This decision can help you enjoy your art for a long time. Since the art world is full of possibilities, you need to consider certain factors related to printing art.

Start by finding a reputable supplier who is known to deliver fine art prints using quality material.  As you pick the right material for the piece, you should think about the end goal. Ask yourself how the material that you choose to print it on will blend in with the environment. If, for instance, you want to buy art for your office, you need to consider the amount of natural lighting the area receives for you to choose the right material.

You should also find out the costs of different printing options. Choosing to print art from can help you not go over your budget since the supplier offers pocket-friendly options. Some of the printing options you can pick from are discussed as follows.

Framed art prints

This printing option works well for contemporary places. Framed paper prints come with some form of protective glazing to keep your art piece away from environmental pollutants. In most cases, specialists use glass or acrylic to protect the art piece. The piece of art should not come into contact with the glazing since it can stick to it. Matting can be used to secure the glass and prevent it from touching the print.

Apart from acting as a protective barrier, the mat is also used to enhance the design of framed art prints. Any fine art printed like this should come with a double mat that features a ΒΌ inch inlay. Using colored mats is not advisable since it tends to distract the artwork. You should also be selective when it comes to the frame of your artwork. The frame should not overpower the piece of art but rather help you focus on a precise element of the composition.


If you want to give your art piece a modern feel, you should consider printing it on a metal such as aluminum. This is a popular material choice that most people nowadays choose. Metal prints are known to feature some crisp detail that enhances the appearance of art prints. If your artwork is made up of bright saturated color, then printing it on metal can make it pop.

This printing method helps in the preservation of artwork due to the use of dye-sublimation techniques. Here, the ink gets absorbed into the metal instead of resting on the surface. When an art piece is printed on metal, it can be displayed as it is or framed without any glass. If you prefer art pieces that display nightscapes, you should print them on this metal.


Artwork printed on canvas does not fade easily since this is a quality material that is also used to print some pieces. It can also add a distinct texture to the art piece.